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Cilk Poney

Read the Legend below

 The Fable was created by Me, Cray Palmer. GOD IS THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS
Cilk Poney came to me in vision I had in 1986, I lived in N.O. LA at that time...
My son Trent, helped me write the Story~~

It was only in 1997 did I first see the face on this Mountain in Costa Rica

I now have wrote a new story about Cilk and Poney.
With the help of My Sister Ms. Helen Jean Palmer Walton.

1970, I went on a  Exchange visit To Costa Rica,As The
International Director for the

The United States Junior Chamber Commerce~~

Then, Costa Rica   was Real Pristine, the year was 1970,
on that visit , I Received one of the Top Honors that a country gives .

Citizen Of Honor ~

                  Hudsped de honor (  Honorary Citizen )

I fell in love with Costa Rica and she Loved Me Back, and to day
 I still enjoy PuraVida  (pure Life) here ,
Yo Say  (I Know) Costa Rica ~Quote from Pauline Frommers,
one of the worlds most respected knowledge about world travel.

Inn keeper Cray Palmer is a old hand who came here from N'awling, New Orleans
in 1970 and knows Costa Rica Cold~~`

Active member of


 See Cilk face on the right of the waterfall~~~~```

Sandeigo, a strong willed man, wished for his home to be on the
mountain when he married. His nickname Cilk, was given to him for his
 smoothness, his actions, and looks. He was a tall dark handsome man.
His blue eyes were uncommon in this region. Women would fall
 upon their knees before him as though he were a king.

Cilk's family ruled and control the  Vast Gold mines in Central Valley in Costa Rica,
 yet they were a humble and reverent family who shared their love
 and wealth with their people.

Cilk, as a young great warrior, fought for the rights of the people
against the Dredaged Teche"s Black Forces.
It was Cilk's horse that he cherished most. As a young warrior his
 father "Urls" gave him a young pony,

Poney's blood line was pure bred, from the best stock,
fleet of foot in all of Central America.

Cilk called him Poney. The two were inseparable. Cilk and Poney
 led the battle to fought the evil Tehce warriors.... The Tehce warriors.. lusted after
Cilk's Head..... they new that if Cilk was out of the way they could have
control of Costa Rica!!!

Cilk was 29. His family yearned for him to find a wife to bare them
 grandchildren. His mother often reminded Sandeigo, "You Cilk
are my only son but you are not a young man. You are 29; please
 Sandeigo, I long to see you marry and have children."
Cilk wondered if this dream would ever come to be. There had
been many women but none touched Cilk as someone he
 wished to bestow his love on. Still he dreamed of love.

The Ticas had made a trail big enough to travel to the top of the
Tapanti mountain and back down, this is where Cilk would feel safe...
at the Top of the Mountain...

The Dark Forces of the Tehce warriors were a constant threat and
on that last night that Cilk made the trip up the mountain.... near the waterfall...
the Tehce warriors out numbered Cilk
and took his body.

The Story goes...That Cilk's soul escaped into the heavens
of the universe.... Poney was soon to follow.... The next day
he died of a broken heart.  This day  you can see Sandeigo face
ingrain on the side of Tapanti mountain

The Gods took the two souls and made them one.
They became as one spirit known as Cilk Poney.
The gods gave Cilk Poney a special energy to fight the

Tehce warriors and all evil. Eventually Cilk learned that he
could never defeat all evil. So

Cilk Poney decided to multiply the good in people. Those who bellied in good
and the spirit of Cilk Poney were graced with good will and fortune.

Cilk Poney is revered throughout the universe and still fighting
against all evel.

It is said that if you ever saw or were in the presence or believe
in the Cilk Poney, good will and fortune would come your way.

Even today more research is being done and more
facts are being found about the legend of the Cilk Poney.

Because, we at the Cilk Poney Entertainment believe
in the spirit of Cilk Poney, we are allowed to bring you
only the best in Entertainment. And only the best is
what we will guide you to.... Cilk Poney Good Fortune