Bienvenido  (Welcome) To The Palmer Jungle Villa  photo
from my veranda

For Sale 25% here is the gold at the
end of this Rainbow
for $25,000.00
For those that have a Interest
Call 678.576.5107
  CILK PONEY  Entertainment,

Presente.(present) The ....Palmer Jungle Villa

The photos below are, a side view of the Villa, the waterfall is 100 yards away on the side
of the hotel, the sound will put to sleep at night. The Cachi lake is about 1200 feet below.
No heating, no AC, we are 6500 feet above sea level.  
Cilk's face, right of falls

Welcome to the Jungle~~

 We want to Welcome you to the time
of your life, here in the heart (Corazon)
 of Costa Rica.

At The Hotel Nupcial
De la Caída De Wate Del Velo (Bridal Veil Water Fall Hotel)

Here at the Hotel you will have
Love Latin style....Extreme Romance

See Cilk's face, right of falls, the
only place can see this and here the truth about one of
Costa Rica's famous waterfalls..
Palmer's Villa
Paraiso (Paradise) Costa Rica On  Wild  Tapanti Mountain -
Come feel the Magic fresco(cooool) Mountain Air ~~```

The best climate in  el mundo(the world )

Costa Rica's Best roads lead to this Villa, only 50 miles from the Airport.

The Adventure tours is geared to what  your Limitation of
time (Temo) and  money (Dinero) is, after that is establish,
we then take you to  LAS LIMITACIONES,  Your limitations  

All viajes (trips)  can be  Inclusive.

Pura Vida (Pure life)~~~~~~~~Rock N Roll, Baby

All trips ..start out with Romance in the Air.....
At this Jungle Villa.

This Vista (view) is surely one of the most
spectacular views in Costa Rica in
a country of spectacular views (Tico Times)

The view off our Outdoor balcones is simply the Mejor (best)
In Costa Rica
Un finished bloody Mary, por que???
The Palmer Villa, a Private Villa
The Villa is a Small Romantic Dinner,
Bed Breakfast Inn with tours of  Costa Rica.

We have Four Bedrooms/Suites
All with private bath and Viewing Patio.

The Second Floor is a
High Tech, Media Room,
LCD TV with satellite, DVD/CD

Great Music thru out the Hotel~~~```
We have FM iPod Transmitters and
iPOD Boom Boxes

The Second Floor is our kitchen/dinner
and Juice Bar.

Hot Media Room, out door bar and
viewing deck, open  to all guest .

Come Home to Costa Rica

The Face was carved by a local, wood carven artist,  
you can buy his work at the Villa from us

The Jungle room and the Crayola Room.
Are On the first floor. This floor has a Common

Glass enclosed Veranda area
Many beautiful plants fill this patio area.

Both Rooms have murals painted by a local artist. Both have
private baths. Here in this bath you shower
over looking the Valley~~~
  The Jungle Room

Crayola Room
The Mango Room and the Passion Room are on the third level

The Passion Room is on the top floor

with private bath and Viewing Deck

 This room has The best View of the Waterfall,
The Mango Room
Best view Of the Valley!
With private bath and Viewing Deck

We offer trips that can be... All Inclusive or you can
just RSVP the Rooms

Reserve Now!